Under the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Patient-Centered Community Care Program (PC3) and Veterans Choice Program (VCP), VA is primarily responsible for supplying Veterans with non-urgent/emergent medications.
All medications must be prescribed in accordance with the VA National Formulary.
Key Points to Remember
Non-Urgent/Emergent Medications
VA allows PC3 or VCP providers to write prescriptions for a Veteran, as long as the medication is prescribed during an authorized episode-of-care. Providers should follow the rules of the VA National Formulary when prescribing. Be sure to fax both the authorization and prescription to the appropriate VA medical center. If the Veteran prefers to take his or her prescription to the pharmacy, he or she will also need to bring the authorization.
Urgent/Emergent Process
PC3 or VCP providers may also prescribe a Veteran medication for urgent or emergent care. In this case: