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A History of Service

Taking Care of Our Nation's Heroes. It's Who We Are. It's What We Do.

TriWest Healthcare Alliance was founded in 1996 to provide active duty Service members, retirees, and their families access to quality health care under the Department of Defense TRICARE program. For 17 years, we honored our beneficiaries’ service and sacrifice with an unwavering commitment to do “Whatever It Takes!®” to meet their health care and customer service needs.

Today, TriWest has the privilege of serving our nation’s heroes as the partner of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in administering the Community Care Network (CCN) in Regions 4 and 5 through VA community care, a consolidated network of community-based health care professionals available to supplement care delivered through VA medical facilities. TriWest is also responsible for administering the PC3 contracts currently in place for Alaska and Region 6 (Pacific Islands).

Starting in 2013, TriWest served the community health care needs of Veterans in 28 states and the Pacific. In September 2018, VA asked TriWest to quickly stand up a provider network, claims processing and payment facilitation, medical administrative management, and customer services support of Veteran community health care across the entire nation on an interim basis, until the next generation of VA community care – CCN – was implemented.

In 2019, portions of the country began transitioning to CCN – administered by another Third Party Administrator, Optum – as VA phased in the next generation of this work in three of the six CCN Regions – Regions 1, 2 and 3.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs awarded TriWest Healthcare Alliance a contract to administer the new CCN in Regions 4 and 5. TriWest is responsible for building and maintaining a network of community health care providers, paying claims, and providing customer service under the CCN contracts in Regions 4 and 5. TriWest is also responsible for administering the PC3 contracts currently in place for Regions 5 (Alaska) and the U.S. territories in the Pacific Islands.

TriWest is privileged to continue its partnership to enhance access to health care for our nation’s Veterans, under the next generation of community care contracts.

VA Map of CCN Regions Map of VA CCN Regions

"We are Committed to Serving Military and Veteran Communities.
It's Who We Are. It's What We Do."


Our Leadership

Committed to serving our nation's military and Veteran communities.


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Part of our history and our future: Service to others.


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Honored to be recognized for our work and community service.

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