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Transcript for Trauma Survivor's Path to Healing Video

[Title slide shown during opening voiceover: City of El Paso, Texas in background. Words on slide: On Aug. 3, 2019, an armed gunman opened fire on shoppers at a Walmart grocery store in El Paso, Texas.]

[Image of police vehicles on crime scene with officer shown. Words on slide: 23 people were killed.]

[Image of TriWest employee Michelle Grady shown on hospital gurney with her right arm bandaged past her elbow and pressure relief boots on her feet. Words on slide: TriWest employee Michelle Grady was one of two dozen people who were injured.]

[Words on slide change: She had been shot four times.]

[Michelle, Communications Liaison] "I have had approximately 11 surgeries. I had to learn how to walk again once my hip was pinned and the bones healed somewhat."

[Image of Michelle shown looking at camera while intubated in hospital gurney] "I had oxygen on, had been intubated because I couldn't breathe, one of my lungs collapsed."

[Image of Michelle shown in hospital gurney during a therapy session] "and so I had to learn how to breathe correctly again."

[Image of Michelle using an exercise machine during a therapy session] "Occupational therapy to learn how to use my right hand again since I spent so much time in the hospital and then after going to an inpatient rehab."

[Michelle, Communications Liaison, continues] "All the focus had been on physical, you know."

[Image of Michelle using a cane to walk outside] "Wounds and things like that, and it had to be. But apparently my younger sister, she made me an appointment with the counselor, a trauma counselor.  I had never gone to counseling before and I said like what can he teach me, you know, like not to be sad? But I'm so glad that I went because it is great having someone outside of the situation, kind of give their opinion in different ways to cope than you've ever had. It's been really good for me."

[Video of Michelle walking outside in a neighborhood using a cane] "Life is difficult. But life is the gift and-"

[Video of Michelle typing on a keyboard] "Just to have the grace and the space for yourself and others."

[Michelle, Communications Liaison, continues] "We don't always know what other people are going through. We can't always see scars on people. So, it's important to just try to take a step back,"

[Video of Michelle talking to coworker outside] "Take a breath, and just try to be kind. I think we all could use a little extra kindness."

[Michelle, Communications Liaison, continues] "And a little understanding, what goes a long way."

[Video of Michelle visiting with Dave McIntyre, President and CEO at TriWest Healthcare Alliance in Dave's office looking at pictures on the walls] "I would like to say to a wounded warrior: thank you for your service."

[Michelle, Communications Liaison, continues] "You are not forgotten and you are not alone. And that we are here just as one of the entities that is here to help you and to support you."

[Michelle talking with Dave McIntyre in his office] "And I am so impressed and so in awe of you taking your trauma-"

[Michelle, Communications Liaison, continues] "And your injuries and not letting it be a roadblock for you, but going on and doing the things that you love. Just modifying it to what you need. That's amazing and we need more people to have that mindset. I need more people to have that mindset and I need sometimes to know that things are not over, things are just different."

[Video of Michelle and Dave McIntyre walking down a hallway at TriWest headquarters with pictures hanging on the wall of military service members] "I just want everyone to know that the-"

[Video of Michelle and Dave McIntyre looking at the American flag and the seven ceremonial military flags in the lobby of TriWest headquarters] "Path to healing is not linear, it's not a straight line. Every day is not going to look like progress and that’s okay. Make sure that you take your breaks and that you set some goals for yourself."

[Michelle, Communications Liaison, continues] "Don't be afraid to go forward. Don't be afraid of your story, it's powerful and someone out there needs to hear it."

[Final slide showing TriWest Healthcare Alliance logo]


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