Armed Forces Day Celebrates All Who Proudly Serve in Our Nation’s Uniforms

PHOENIX (May 17, 2024) — Saturday, May 18, is our nation’s Armed Forces Day, observed to recognize, celebrate and honor the duty and personal sacrifices to our nation by military members and all who have served in uniform.

On Armed Forces Day we honor all of our military services and all who have served with dedication, devotion, and enduring commitment that contributes to our national defense and protection.

For Armed Forces Day 2024, a new TriWest video spotlights the enduring commitment of a U.S. Armed Forces Veteran who continues to demonstrate the resilient traits of dedication and devotion to serving instilled in military members.

A Proud Veteran’s Story of Sacrifice, Dedication and Devotion to Serving

Jon Kuniholm, a former U.S. Marine Corps Captain, deployed to Iraq in 2004 to serve in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. During his combat deployment, Jon’s lower right arm was nearly severed in an IED explosion on New Year’s Day 2005 while on a reconnaissance foot patrol in Anbar Province in support of another Marine platoon. The severity of his serious injury later required his lower arm to be amputated below the elbow, but allowed him to retain full upper arm functionality.

Kuniholm’s commitment and dedication to demonstrate the best traits of our Armed Forces did not end there. Today, as a proud former Marine and Armed Forces member, Kuniholm has rededicated his focus as a Veteran entrepreneur seeking to help other amputees whose severe limb injuries deeply impact their daily function and comfort.

With Kuniholm’s unique commitment, prior academic training, and trademark Marine determination, he eventually launched his start-up Stumpworx to improve prosthetics and help other amputees overcome unnecessary limits and discomfort.

This compelling video is set in Portland, Ore., shares his powerful story. Kuniholm is committed helping Veterans and other amputees improve their lives, applying his experience to develop custom-engineered prosthetics that dramatically enhance comfort and functionality.

On Armed Forces Day, take a moment to celebrate our nation’s dedicated military members and Veterans, honoring all who have demonstrated our military’s best ideals with pride, devotion and enduring commitment.