VA Resources Help Veterans Improve Nutrition and Cooking Skills

PHOENIX (March 20, 2024) — For Veterans and their families, healthy foods and cooking are important parts of overall wellness, but for many it can be a challenge to maintain. Some Veterans may work long hours and lack time to cook proper meals while others may think it is expensive and difficult to eat healthy, opting for unhealthy choices instead.

To help Veterans with their meal choices, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) emphasizes it is possible to make and eat good, healthy meals. VA offers resources to help with everything from family meals to personal cooking skills to use in the kitchen.

VA also employs a number of Registered Dietician Nutritionists (RDN) to help Veterans with their family and personal meal choices. Brenda Greer is an RDN who shares her passion and skills with Veterans to help them learn about nutrition, healthy eating, and develop new cooking skills to improve their wellness.

Her expertise in nutrition makes her knowledge and insights valuable to understand the importance of healthy eating and the resources VA offers.

A new Healthy Homefront® feature shares nutrition and cooking tips to help Veterans stay healthy.