TriWest Employees Give Back to Their Communities in Meaningful Ways

Phoenix, AZ (December 16, 2022) – During the holiday season our nation is often reminded of the rewarding and infectious spirit of giving, spreading joy, and showing our gratitude to others.

However, for some thoughtful and generous TriWest Healthcare Alliance (TriWest) employees, the season of giving and serving others is a practice they enjoy throughout the year.

At TriWest, many employees find meaning and purpose in their work supporting and serving Veterans, yet they also spend additional time volunteering for causes that impact our military and Veteran communities in rewarding ways.

TriWest encourages employees to engage with not-for-profit organizations that reflect our support for Veterans, particularly military and Veteran-connected causes. Additionally, TriWest also offers paid time off to employees volunteering in community service as part of our paid volunteer time program.

This holiday season offers us a proud opportunity to share a few employees’ unique stories and honor their important volunteer service. To learn more how TriWest employees are making impact beyond their work, please read this recent Healthy Homefront® article featuring two generous volunteers and their year-round spirit of giving.