Overcoming Mental-Emotional Health Challenges: A Combat Veteran’s Journey

Phoenix, AZ (July 20, 2022) – The journey toward maintaining good mental health is not always a straight line or without unexpected detours and obstacles.

Keeping momentum on a successful mental health journey can include many unexpected turns and challenges that could derail the best intentions to overcome them.

However, a TriWest Veteran employee, Behavioral Health Service Manager Donny Moncrief, has learned that pursuing the path to good mental health is more than putting on a positive exterior appearance and impression for others.

His personal story reveals the challenges of facing mental health difficulties, but also how getting support and hard work on issues can reap meaningful and rewarding benefits. Since it is estimated that up to 66 million Americans face challenges with mental health, including higher proportions within minority communities, Donnie’s journey to health and wellness is an enlightening perspective when navigating personal stress or recovering from trauma.

This Healthy Homefront® feature article about how Donnie learned to care for his mental and emotional health after returning from combat service to civilian life offers insight and support, not only for Veterans managing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but anyone dealing with mental and emotional health in today’s challenging environment.