VA Caregiver Support Program Offers Military Caregivers Helpful Resources

Phoenix, AZ (March 24, 2022) – As caring people by nature, family caregivers provide invaluable support and service to the loved ones they provide daily, reliable and necessary care. The commitment, sacrifice and work in caring for family members who have personal or physical challenges to support themselves is a great gift of compassion.

In the Veteran and military family community, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) believes family caregivers are key contributors in supporting Veterans that face challenges in day-to-day living.

Through its Caregiver Support Program (CSP), the VA offers family caregivers a range of services for their own support, including peer mentoring, training, coaching and other programs and resources to assist in their care for our nation’s Veterans.

This short Healthy Homefront® article shares valuable insights and information for family caregivers who are providing important, essential care for a Veteran at home.