TriWest Network Provider Cares for Veterans as if Every Day is Veterans Day

June, 2021 – Dr. Jesse Dominguez’s passion for helping Veterans started at a young age. He vividly remembers spending nights at a friend’s house as a young man, where his friend’s father would suffer from long and painful flashbacks to his time serving in Vietnam.

Dominguez would sit with him through the night, offering comfort, support, and companionship as the memories washed over him. Those nights impressed on him the sacrifice our Service members and Veterans make, and he carries those memories with him every day.

Now, Dr. Dominguez works as an optometrist in Phoenix, Arizona, serving Veterans under VA community care since 2015. “These Veteran patients don’t just come to get glasses from us,” he says. “They become part of our family.”

And like most families, he enjoys having their pictures on the wall. At the suggestion of a military spouse on his staff, Dr. Dominguez began asking each Veteran for permission to take their picture and include it on his "Veteran Wall of Appreciation,” which now features several dozen faces of his extended Veteran family.

Whether it’s sizing corrective lenses or literally saving a patient’s life, Dr. Dominguez’s care for his patients is anything but ordinary.

Read more about Dr. Dominguez’s story, recently featured in VAntage Point, VA’s official blog.