Robert Wolpert Named 2020 Controller of the Year by FEI, AZ Chapter

Phoenix, AZ (January 15, 2020) - TriWest Healthcare Alliance, one of the largest government contractors based in the state of Arizona, announces today that its Controller, Robert S. Wolpert, was awarded the 2020 Controller of the Year Award for the large company category by Financial Executives International, Arizona Chapter.

Wolpert was among six outstanding finalists in the category and was selected this year’s winner on Tuesday, Jan. 14, at an awards ceremony in Phoenix.

“Robert’s greatest strength at TriWest is his ability to read between the numbers to determine outcomes and truly understand the risks at hand in this critical role,” said David J. McIntyre, Jr., TriWest President and CEO. “His above and beyond work ethic combined with a calm demeanor under pressure make Robert a positive and approachable leader in our high demand culture. He deserves this award for demonstrating his commitment to always putting the health care needs of TriWest’s customers – our nation’s Veterans – first.”

Wolpert has been an employee of TriWest Healthcare Alliance since 2005. As TriWest’s Vice President & Controller, he is responsible for the planning, directing, and day-to-day monitoring of TriWest’s financial, accounting, and reporting activities, as well as operation of the company’s facilities and physical security.

Over the past year, Wolpert played a key role at TriWest, helping lead his team and the company through challenging time, with an end result of financial stability and controls through innovative solutions. He was instrumental in building a strong foundation of financial backing by securing a significant line of credit that gave the US Department of Veterans Affairs added confidence in awarding TriWest a 7 year, $26 billion contract in August 2019. His leadership in this area has set TriWest on a course of success moving forward.

Wolpert largely credits TriWest’s President and CEO, David J. McIntyre, Jr., and Elizabeth Kinsley, CFO, for putting their faith and trust in him over the last 14 years, entrusting him with “free reign” to use creativity and innovation to work highly complex projects that a person in his position might not otherwise be asked to do.

“It is truly an honor to be named Controller of the Year,” said Wolpert. “This award is a reflection of the teamwork of all the leaders who surround me at TriWest as we support each other in carrying out the company’s mission of serving America’s Veterans. I am proud of this award that reflects my values and recognizes the unique culture of TriWest as we work to make a difference in the lives of Veterans. It’s why I come to work every day.”