VA announces extension, expansion of contract with TriWest for community care

A Message from TriWest’s President and CEO, David J. McIntyre, Jr.:

On October 2, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that TriWest Healthcare Alliance will support VA across the entire nation in administering the Patient-Centered Community Care (PC3)/Veterans Choice programs, given VA’s contract with Health Net Federal Services ended on September 30. We are honored to continue to support VA in serving Veterans from our current 28 state service territory, and expand across the rest of the country to ensure that Veterans have access to needed health care services when VA is unable to meet their needs directly.

On behalf of TriWest, its non-profit owners, and our 3,000 employees – most of which are Veterans and Veteran family members – we are humbled to be asked to stretch ourselves to support VA as it fulfills its noble mission of providing access to needed health care for our nation’s heroes. To date, we and our network of 200,000 community providers have provided more than 10 million appointments for Veterans from our current service territory. We are confident in our ability to successfully and seamlessly stand-up the needed provider network and operations in this new area in collaboration with VA, until the next generation of community care contracts – Community Care Networks (CCN) – are awarded and implemented.

TriWest will stand up the first areas by December 7, in honor of our nation’s World War II Veterans and we will be finished scaling the cliff for our heroes by the end of January 2019 so that all Veterans will be afforded the care they have earned.

It has been a privilege to work collaboratively with VA over the past five years and we stand firm in our commitment to lean fully forward for VA and those who rely on it for the critical services they need. We will not rest until the needed network is ready to go and the infrastructure is properly scaled to handle the needed appointing and claims processing services.

Thank you to our nation’s Veterans for affording us the freedoms that we enjoy each day. Like our partners in VA, we count it a privilege to be of service to you!


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David J. McIntyre, Jr.
President and CEO