TriWest Healthcare Alliance Announces a New Veterans Hiring Initiative

New Initiative with Hire America’s Heroes® Generates Opportunity for Veterans Seeking Jobs in the Health Care Sector

PUYALLUP, Wash., April 28, 2015 - TriWest Healthcare Alliance announced today a new hiring initiative with the non-profit organization Hire America's Heroes®. The purpose of the initiative is to provide a unique avenue for job-seeking Veterans in the Puget Sound, Washington area to find jobs in the health care industry. Interested Veterans will submit their resume to an online repository.

Health care companies that are committed to hiring Veterans will use the talent pool repository to review resumes and reach out to those job seekers whose qualifications meet their organization's needs. Job seekers can upload their resume for health care employers to view at:

One of the health care companies participating in this campaign is TriWest Healthcare Alliance. Phoenix-based TriWest partners with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in administering the VA Patient-Centered Community Care Program (VAPC3) and the Veterans Choice Card benefit across 28 states. To support this work, TriWest is expanding its Puyallup Call Center and will be adding 150 new jobs in the Puget Sound area.

TriWest President and CEO, David McIntyre, Jr. says TriWest is looking for qualified candidates in non-clinical and clinical occupations and the company hopes to attract as many Veterans as possible. "We respect and admire our nation's Veterans for the experience they gained while serving," said McIntyre. "We are committed to hiring Veterans and see this as a unique opportunity for Veterans to serve fellow Veterans as we continue our work with VA. And, we are hoping that this unique partnership with Hire America's Heroes will lead to several hundred Veterans securing jobs in the health care sector within the Puget Sound, not simply the 150 we seek."

TriWest is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers a wide variety of career opportunities in areas such as Project Management, Administrative, Patient Services, Medical Operations, IT, Finance, Business Development, Data Services, and Customer Service. The company's dedicated staff—with both military and business experience—brings together the best of the military and business worlds to ensure optimal organizational excellence.