Demand/Capacity Tool FAQs

Q: What is the purpose of each of the forms?

A: Build Request Form – Request that TriWest initiate outreach and contracting to new community providers to expand the network of providers available for a specific specialty.

Surge Notification Form – Inform TriWest of an upcoming surge of appointments or a permanent volume increase, allowing TriWest to prepare resources to support your need.

VAMC Capacity Form – Provide the average monthly volume of appointments your facility sees internally as well as the number of VAMC or CBOC providers to allow TriWest to analyze and refine the TriWest network to best support VA in providing care to Veterans.

Q: What do you mean by "surge"?

A: A surge is when VA expects to send a higher than normal volume of authorizations. For example, this may occur if VA sends a batch of appointments that had been pending on a waitlist or if a VAMC anticipates a decrease in their internal capacity and will therefore increase the outgoing volume to TriWest.

Q: When should I use the "Urgent" checkbox on the Build Request and Surge Notification Forms?

A: For a Build Request Form, select the "Urgent" checkbox if new providers are required for a specific Veteran need that must be met as soon as possible. Note that if new providers are required to meet the surge, the identification, contracting, and credentialing process may take 60 or more days.

For a Surge Notification Form, select the Urgent checkbox if the surge is anticipated to reach TriWest within 30 days. Note that if new providers must be added to the network to meet the surge, the identification, contracting, and credentialing process may take 60 or more days.

Q: Can I select multiple specialties on a form?

A: In order to facilitate targeted network build or evaluation, a single specialty must be selected. To provide feedback on multiple specialties, you may submit as many forms as needed.

Q: Do I have to select county on a form?

A: You may leave the default selection of "All" if your feedback relates to the entire VAMC catchment, or you may select a specific county or counties for TriWest to focus on.

Q: Why isn't every specialty listed?

A: The specialties listed are the professional provider specialties TriWest has historically seen the most build requests for.

If your request/feedback relates to a sub-specialty of one of the specialties listed, please feel free to specify that sub-specialty in the "Other Notes" section of the form so TriWest can direct efforts accordingly.

Q: Can I review previous forms I have submitted?

A: Yes, by clicking on the "Form Log" button at the top of the Demand/Capacity tab within the VA Portal. After you are directed to the Form Log, you will be able to click on the associated Request ID and view the form in full detail, including your original submission and the responses of the TriWest staff assigned to your request.

Q: How do I check on the status of my request/submission?

A: You can view the status of your submission on the Form Log, and you may review all of TriWest's responses and updates by selecting the "Request ID" on the left side of the log.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel a form?

A: On the Form Log, select the Request ID and you will be directed to the detailed request form you submitted previously. If you would like to cancel the form, select the "Cancel Request" link on the bottom right. You will be directed to provide a reason for the cancelation, after which you can select "Save Cancelation".

Q: What happens after I submit a form?

A: TriWest staff will review the submitted form and act accordingly. As the request is worked, you can view updates by navigating to the Form Log to view the status, or selecting the request ID to view any comments or updates added by the assigned TriWest staff member.

Q: How long will it take for TriWest to respond to each request submission?

A: TriWest will review within three (3) business days.

Q: What kind of information can I see in this tool?

A: On the main Demand/Capacity screen, a dashboard is available with a variety of network adequacy metrics and detail. Within the dashboard, please view the instructions and subsequent dashboard tabs for further detail on the data available.

Q: How do I use the dashboards?

A: Please view the dashboard instructions provided on the main screen of the Demand/Capacity tool.