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Transcript for Welcome Video

[Phillip, Technical Support Analyst] "My inspiration for joining the Marine Corp came from my grandfather. He was a drill instructor during Korea. And ever since I was a little kid, I grew up wanting to be like him."

[Title slide shown during above voiceover: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs logo, followed by slide featuring TriWest Healthcare Alliance logo and words Employer Spotlight]

[Phillip, Technical Support Analyst, continues] "And when I got of the Marine Corps, I wanted to find somewhere to work that made me whole."

[Video closeup of iconic photo of Marines raising flag on Iwo Jima, multiple signatures cover photograph]

[Phillip, Technical Support Analyst, continues] "I wanted to find a company that serves their environment, serves the people around them, and dedicates themselves to that like TriWest does for our Veterans."

[Video footage of American flag then TriWest Healthcare Alliance sign and people walking past]

"I’m Dave McIntyre, President and CEO at TriWest Healthcare Alliance. We’ve served for almost 20 years. What we’ve discovered is that those that who have served in uniform come with a very basic framework for solid training and teamwork, for an understanding of mission and for a commitment to something that’s greater than themselves. And, frankly, we all look for that, as leaders of companies, in the employees that we hire."

[Video for above features Dave McIntyre at his desk with statues of eagles and an American flag, words on screen: Dave, President and CEO]

[Angel, Medical Authorization Specialist, in hallway and at desk]: "I know when I was out of the military, I spent a few months searching for a job or the right fit for me. On paper, if you look at it, military police to being a complex authorization specialist doesn’t really transfer over (laughter) immediately, but I think the core values and mentality and morals that I have, that I learned and got in the military transferred over very well."

[Lisa, Behavioral Health Specialist]: "I didn’t have issues finding a job, it was finding the correct fit. And at TriWest there is a lot of different ways to use your skills and to be able to find a place that fits for you."

[Stephanie, Data Analysis/Provider Education]: "I work in Behavioral Health Services, so it has data entry, it has clerical, it has attention to detail and those are all things that I brought from my military service."

[McIntyre in office]: "There is no better trained, no better committed group of individuals to serve in the mission of a company, than those that served the country. And the bottom line is that most employers are trying to figure out how do I get connected. Most CEO’s that I talk to, would like to hire Veterans. And the great thing about the Veteran’s employment center is the ability to make that connection easier."

[McIntyre picks up phone and speaks]: "Hey Joe I wanted to call and chat with you for a few minutes about the opportunity to hire Veterans in our community."

[Phillip, Technical Support Analyst, speaks again]:]: "If I could say one thing about TriWest Healthcare and working here, is that everybody from the CEO on down, they are passionate, and they are passionate about serving our Veterans. They are passionate about hiring veterans and that’s kind of what brought me here."

[Slide showing U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs logo and words "The Veterans Employment Center (VEC) is the federal government’s single authoritative internet source for connecting transitioning Servicemembers, Veterans, and their families to meaning career opportunities. Get connected at"


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