TriWest Carpool Program (Arizona Employees Only)

The TriWest Carpool Program is available to Arizona employees in Phoenix and Tempe. Each employee enrolled in the carpool program will receive a hang tag for their car and can park in the designated Carpool Spots located near each building in the Phoenix office and in front of the Tempe office building.

Each employee enrolled in the carpool program will be eligible for the Quarterly Drawing of a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Two winners will be chosen at random from the Phoenix office and one winner from the Tempe office at the end of each quarter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I sign up for the Carpool Program?

A: Please fill out the registration form.

Q: May I still sign up if I carpool with someone who doesn't work for TriWest?

A: Yes! If you take public transportation, ride your bike, walk, or carpool with someone outside of TriWest, you are still eligible to enroll in the Carpool Program and participate in the quarterly drawings!

Q: May I participate in the program if I take the bus or ride my bike to work?

A: Yes, there is a place to note on the registration form for bike riders and bus takers.

Q: Am I eligible for the drawings every quarter?

A: Yes, each quarter will be a new drawing and everyone enrolled in the program is eligible for each new drawing.

Q: Will the carpool spots be assigned to individual participants?

A: No, the carpool spaces are available on a first come/first serve basis to those who carpool, have submitted a form to HC and display the TriWest carpool hang tag.

Should you have further questions or concerns about the program, please contact our Transportation Coordinator, Evelyn Ortiz at (602) 564-2430 or via email eortiz.ctr@triwest.com.

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