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Understanding Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Understanding Out-Of-Pocket CostsYou may be required to make co-payments during your visit to a physician when using the Veterans Choice Program. Two types of co-payment may apply to your office visit:

Co-payments required by your other health insurance:

  • When your other health insurance is primarily responsible for the costs of your care, you are responsible for making those co-payments.
  • Typically, these co-payments must be paid at the point of service (at the office) at the time of your appointment.
  • These co-payments cannot be waived or changed by VA or TriWest.

Co-payment required by the Department of Veterans Affairs:

VA-required co-payments are:

  • $15 for primary care visits
  • $50 for outpatient specialty care visits

Inpatient co-payment amounts are dependent on your VA enrollment priority level. We will advise of any that may be applicable when speaking with you about your appointment